Touchscreen Thermostat T9200 series

  • T9200-TF20-1JS0     2/4pipe, 5relays
  • T9200-TB21-1JS0     2pipe, 3relays, AO

Touchscreen Thermostat T9600 Modbus series

  • T9600-TF20-1JS0     2/4pipe, 5relays
  • T9603-T000-1JF0     2pipe, 1relays
  • T9601-TF20-1JS0     2/4pipe, 3relays, AO for EC fan
  • T9600-TF21-1JS0     4pipe, 3relays, 2AO

Touchscreen Thermostat T9800 BAC net series

  • T9800-TF20-1JS0     2/4pipe, 5relays, BACnet
  • T9800-TF21-1JS0     2/4pipe, 3relays, AO for EC fan, BACnet
  • T9800-TB21-1JA0     2 pipe, with AI, BACnet

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