EasyIO FW-28 28-point Wi-Fi & IP Controller

Product code: EASYIO-FW-28


The EasyIO FW-28 extends the FW series with all the proven technology of the range and increases the product reach with a larger I/O capability. The award-winning FW series deliver high-performance BMS functionality, with flexibility in design and installation with the Wi-Fi and dual Ethernet port capability.

Dependent on your requirement, the FW product range can be used within a high-performance EasyIO total system solution and utilises our best performance and overall solution cost approach. Or simply implemented in isolation in an IoT based demand, with the onboard MQTT capability.

The FW series opens up the design process for our Partners and permits a far more flexible approach to delivering the modern demands of our buildings. The FW product range is often seen as a Fan Coil Unit controller, but it is far more diverse and flexible than that.

It should be considered within an overall system design as an integral part of your total solution. The FW-28 can be programmed and live commissioned via free CPT Tools and an integrated HMTL5 dashboard.

It has BACnet IP server/client, BACnet MSTP client (combination of BACnet MSTP client and BACnet IP client up to ve devices total), newly introduced Modbus RTU support, to give us greater and increased functionality and two Ethernet ports for daisy chain connection wiring to the recommended standards.

The FW series supports IT-based standards and security protocols and can be set up within a client’s Wi-Fi network or set up as an isolated BMS Wi-Fi network as required. The FW-28 includes 16 UI (voltage and resistance), 4 AO (Voltage) and 8 DO with 24VAC Volt free contact relays. For floating control, the optional FR-02 module is available to add to the FW-28. The FW series products also feature Sox, TCom, P2P and BACnet communication protocols and MQTT.



  • Power Supply – 24VAC +/- 5% or 24V DC +20%/-15%
  • Consumption – 12VA
  • Current Rating – 500mA at 24VAC/VDC
  • Storage temp – -20 to 85 °C (-4 to 185 °F)
  • Operating temp – 0 to 65 °C (32 to 150 °F)
  • Operating humidity – 10% to 90% Relative humidity non-condensing
  • Dimensions – 230 x 104 x 44 mm (L x W x H)
  • Material – UL Approved
  • Weight – 500g



  • Main Processor – Qualcomm 560Mhz
  • Processor – ARM Cortex 48 Mhz
  • Flash Memory – 32MB
  • RAM – 128MB
  • Ethernet – 2 x Ethernet Port
  • Wi-Fi 802.1x b/g/n
  • RS 485 Ports – 1 x RS485
  • Real Time Clock (RTC) – Real Time Clock with min 5 days backup by superCAP



  • Support Modbus , Bacnet , Tcom and Sox protocol
  • Modbus RTU Master (5 devices)
  • BACnet Client IP / MSTP (5 devices)
  • BACnet IP serverover Wi-Fi or Ethernet
  • EasyIO Peer to Peer Protocol, compatible with FS, FG+, FW and FT Series
  • MQTT, RESTful API and other web services
  • Wi-Fi Access Point , Repeater or Client Mode
  • 2 Ethernet ports act as a normal network switch and support Ethernet daisy chain up to 9 units
  • Support Network Time Protocol (NTP) client
  • SMTP protocol (outgoing email) with SSL authentication
  • SQL Lite up to 6,000 records

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